July 26, 2012

Prairie Lakes Golf Course, Grand Praire

Salman and I played Prairie Lakes Golf Course in Grand Prairie.  That course is lots of fun!  We had a 5pm tee time reserved and we cleared 18 holes in just over 3 hours.  The layout is interesting.  Prairie Lakes is actually three different 9 hole courses with par ratings of 35 or 36.  The Red course is on the North side of the property, White in the middle, and Blue on the South side.  Today we played the Red course and the White course.  The White course featured 3 holes called the Grand Prairie Bermuda Triangle which are supposed to be the hardest three holes at Prairie Lakes.  The course architects weren't playing around.  The holes feature difficult shots over water and since it's right on the lake you have to contend with a tremendous amount of wind that just does not let off.  Overall the course was awesome and the staff very friendly.  Also, Prairie Lakes is very close to my house which is a definite plus for me.

The Course Layout:  I really enjoyed our round today.  The layouts of the holes for the Red and White courses were fairly challenging without being too crazy except for the Bermuda Triangle.  There aren't any bunkers to worry about but several fairways were too narrow for driver so I had to use my three wood off the tee to keep it under control and in the fairway.  The par 3s on this course are definitely the signature holes.  Yes, all the par 3s.  To be honest the par 5s and 4s were nice, but also pretty generic.  The par 3s all required clearing water.  Not only that, the par 3s were deceivingly windy around the pin today.  On one par 3 Salman and I didn't feel a breeze in the tee box but the flag was almost sideways.  The pin was about 145 yards away and the edge of the water right around 130 from the tee.  My eight iron is my 140 club.  The winds were so strong that I splashed into the water even after clubbing up to a six iron!  It was a really cool challenge to try and hit it low while still making sure to stay on the green.  Needless to say, the par 3s were by far the worst holes for me scoring-wise. 
The landscaping was excellent.  Grass was beautiful, trees were perfectly spaced, everything looked great and the lake surrounding the course was extra eye candy for most of the holes on Red and White.  There were tons of dogleg lefts and rights where the flag wasn't visible from the tee box.  But those shots weren't nearly as challenging as the par 3s.  All you had to do was stay in the fairway and you would always have a decent shot to the green on par 4s.  The par 5s were very short, and reachable in 2 after a good drive. 

My shot of the day:  On a 328 yard par 4, I had a ridiculous amount of tailwind and a narrow fairway so I went for a power draw with my three wood and crushed the hell out of the ball.  Shot went right at the green after turning right and the ball came to rest pin high just a little to the right of the green!  My longest drive to date was about 320 yards using my driver!  Then I ended up hitting the flag stick and almost drained it for eagle!  What happened after that isn't important.

For the price, six different options for 18 holes, and location, Salman and I feel that Prairie Lakes is the best value for a round of golf in DFW we've seen so far.  If you ever decide to play there, be sure to try the barbeque.  It. Was. Epic.

Till next time.  Stay outta the trees,

July 4, 2012

Twin Lakes Golf Course in Canton, TX

WOW! This is the greatest golf course I have ever seen!
Salman and I played in Canton last Sunday. From the drive into the golf course you can tell the course is special. It's surrounded by a tree farm and just driving up to the club house will get you excited for your round. The course is GORGEOUS and there wasn't a single spot that wasn't well taken care of. The groundskeepers deserve a medal for how amazing it was to play on such perfect fairways and greens.
This is the best course I have played on so far, and no positive review could do this course justice. The first hole is an amazing par 4 with a tee shot that has to clear 150 yards of water to reach the fairway. The last hole ends with an approach to the green over the same body of water. It really sets the pace in the beginning and finishes with a fun and challenging hole. The course isn't too challenging, but there are a few spots where laying up is a must despite a 280 yard drive. 
The drive to Canton is a bit far. Just under two hours from Grand Prairie. But it is absolutely worth the drive. I wouldn't mind making a monthly trip to play this course. Twin Lakes GC in Canton is a MUST PLAY Texas golf course.