June 16, 2013

New Putter and Driver for Me!

Lots of news! Got a new putter, new driver, and overall feeling very comfortable with my game. Unfortunately a few injuries sidelined me for a while and caused me to lose a bit of my edge, but I'm almost 100% and can't wait to play in this Texas heat!

First off, the putter.  My dad surprised me for my birthday with a 2012 Scotty Cameron Newport 2.  It's an absolute dream.  The putter is so perfectly balanced that it feels like it's on rails.  The impact with the face is firm, but soft enough to where distance control is easier than with any putter I've ever played with.  My dad got me the 34 inch model and I'm loving it.  It gives me confidence and an added bonus is that I think the putter is so damn beautiful that I don't really mind missing putts because it means I get to use it for another stroke.  Total surprise, thanks dad!

Next, I found an amazing deal on a Taylormade Burner 2.0 on GlobalGolf.com.  Less than fifty bucks for a used driver and a box of Taylormade Burner balls.  I really love Taylormade balls, but I was kinda on the fence with their clubs.  The reason why I was browsing through drivers in the first place though is because I felt the XCalibur shaft on my Ping G15 was just too stiff for how my swing is now.  About six months ago I was really trying to bomb it with the driver and I felt like the extra stiff was a good fit for me because it gave me a ton of control on the club face throughout the downswing.  However, recently I've toned my swing down quite a bit and I'm playing more for finesse than power.  My angles into the ball with my irons is less aggressive and I'm throwing the club head through the ball way softer than before.  After the changes to my swing I could tell that I was fighting to shut the club face and I ended up developing a nasty pull hook that I'm still trying to get rid of.
Long story short, I bought the driver and I really enjoy it.  It takes way less effort to swing through the ball and I've gained about 30 to 40 yards in distance averaging between 280-290 yards which is great considering I'm also hitting it straighter than before.

Overall, the last few months have had their ups and downs, but I'm definitely looking forward to playing more golf and taking my game to the next level.  I was hitting the low 80s pretty consistently, and I feel like I'm just a few good putts away from finally breaking 80 for the first time.