October 8, 2014

Preview: I Disagree! Respectfully, of course.

I read a really interesting article in Golf Magazine the other day. It was it was a group interview featuring Johnny Miller, Peter Kostis, and Dave Phillips. It was nice reading their perspectives on stuff like Tiger, Rory, and what regular golfers should try to emulate from the pros. Lots of good insights. Even if you don't agree with everything they say, it was an interesting read.

BUT, there was one bit in the group interview where the interviewer asks who the greatest pressure putter of all time is/was and this discussion led to the left-hand-low putting grip, or cross grip. The three interviewees immediately wrote off the technique as bogus. I thought this was really interesting considering the previous question about weekend hackers could learn from pros. This closed-minded view on cross-grip putting, in my opinion, was really wrong.

And I'm gonna elaborate more on that in my next post...

Stay tuned!

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